Grave Observations


This spooky cemetery is creeptastic!

I’ll be the first to admit, I’ve always had a morbid curiosity when it comes to death. Not necessarily the physical act of dying, but of everything that happens after.  Shows like CSI Crime Scene Investigation and Dexter made me oddly fascinated with the notion that crimes could be solved by analyzing blood spatter and body decomposition (don’t think I’m weird, it’s just SO interesting!).  Continue reading

It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood – Unless Your Neighbor Sucks

Not all neighbors are as sweet as Mr. Rogers

Not all neighbors are as sweet as Mr. Rogers

I’m pretty sure the neighbors that live above us are involved in some shady business. The day I moved into our new place, while still trekking back and forth with boxes and suitcases, our neighbor came over to introduce herself.  She was a normal enough looking young woman, mid-twenties, and dressed in scrubs – which made her seem pretty legit.  Continue reading

Meat Is Murder….Tasty, Tasty Murder

Meat is Murder

Nothing makes me happier than eating a big piece of meat <insert your “that’s what she said” comment here>.

Thats What She Said

Seriously, though, my mouth waters just thinking about it.  Any kind of meat will do, too. There is something so deliciously primal about devouring a great big juicy steak, seasoned and grilled to perfection.  Continue reading

When Animals Attack – Episode 1

Cover photo animal collage

I am a self-proclaimed animal lover. In fact, it borders on crazy cat-lady obsession.  Any chance I get to squeeze and cuddle some adorable little ball of fluff is heaven to me.  Dogs, cats, rabbits, cute little chinchillas…you name it.   Continue reading

I’m in the Biz, Darlin’


I recently read an article in L.A. Weekly on the top 15 things new transplants to Los Angeles will learn in their first five years.  The article was preeeeeettty spot on in a number of ways; however I would argue that it takes MUCH less time than five years to experience, and come to terms with, pretty much every single topic on this list. You can read the full article here (apologies in advance for the language – you’ve been warned). Continue reading

What’s SUP, Beaches?!

Photo Credit Adam Episcopo

Santa Monica Pier Paddleboard Race – The Lineup – Photo Credit Adam Episcopo

The art of paddleboarding mystifies and intrigues me. I’m extremely wary of attempting to remain afloat on a piece of wood smaller than the floating chunk of chestnut that Rose Dawson hogged all to herself while the Titanic sank, while poor Leo clung to the side like a sad, wet waif of a man.  I’m even more wary of attempting this in the ocean, all while the waves make it their mission to toss you jovially into the sea and directly into the gaping jaws of a toothily grinning Great White shark, anxiously awaiting its next meal.  And mind, you, that’s just floating – forget the act of actually standing and maintaining balance whilst maneuvering said wooden (or fiberglass) board to your desired destination.  So needless to say, I’ve never tried it. Continue reading

From Desert Valley to Beachy Cali

Welcome to Cali 3

Although we’ve established that I’m a desert girl, I DO love me some beach time.   With the sunny So-Cal beaches only a hop, skip and a 5 hour drive away, it was an awesomely convenient place to spend time with family and friends while escaping the heat. Spring breaks, summer vacays and school trips all took us to the sandy shores of San Diego and L.A.  With each trip, my love for the fun-loving, sun-drenched, sand-in-your-toes lifestyle that IS southern California intensified, and I vowed that ONE day, I would stake my claim and call this place my own.  Continue reading

The Four Seasons, Scottsdale Style

Scottsdale Desert 2

I wasn’t born a desert girl, but I’ve lived among the tumbleweeds long enough to feel as one with them. Anyone from Scottsdale will tell you that, while hot (YES, your skin may feel like it’s melting and YES, there is a possibility of third degree burns from walking barefoot on the pavement in July), there is a beauty you will be hard-pressed to find anywhere else on the planet.  Continue reading